Colorado Church Insurance - Part III

May 31, 2019

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As you saw in part I and part II of our series, Colorado Church Insurance, there is a lot to think about when it comes to churches and insurance. 

Here are a few more items to contemplate as you consider coverage.

Coverage for Large Claims

Not only are the number of lawsuits higher today than ever before but the settlement amounts are growing larger as well.

A. Umbrella Policy: There is no more cost-effective way to increase your liability coverage in the event of large claim than an umbrella policy.

Protection if Your Computers Are Breached

Wrong. While most news stories about data breaches focus on really large companies, the reality is that most of these crimes are targeted at small businesses and non-profits such as churches.

A. Any Church with a connection to the internet is at risk for a data breach: If any member or employee’s private information is stored in the church computer system the church is liable.

    • First Party: This coverage is for employee personal information.

    • Third Party: Likely even more important than First Party this coverage is for member’s or guests private information that the church has on file.

B. Churches that use church specific social media sites may be especially vulnerable:Some churches utilize closed social networking sites that sometimes can be used for tithes or other offerings. For any church utilizing a site like this, coverage for data breach is even more important.

Coverage if Money Is Stolen

A crime policy is a very important church insurance coverage to protect against the loss of money or securities. Your property policy will not likely provide any coverage in the event of a criminal act.

A. Theft or Burglary: A crime policy can cover theft or burglary from an unknown party.

B. Employee Dishonesty: Sadly theft sometimes is perpetrated by an employee or representative of the church.

People in the church often dig very deep to give and every church should make sure their gifts and offerings are protected from thieves.

Coverage for Church Volunteers

Volunteers are often the lifeblood for any non-profit, including churches. For this reason churches need to be especially concerned with making sure they are covered for any liability.

A. If a Volunteer is hurt:

  • Your general liability policy may not provide coverage for claims involving volunteers.

  • In many states, churches are not exempt from workers compensation coverage for volunteers.  

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