Your Luxury Cars and Insurance

August 28, 2019

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Buying a luxury car isn’t like buying a Kia Forte. Your new ride is more than an A-to-B method of transportation: it's a finely tuned driving machine that lets you enjoy the journey. As such, it’s worth protecting to the fullest. Let’s explore the best car insurance for your luxury vehicles together.

Luxury car insurance is often more expensive than insurance for a standard vehicle. Because car insurance is designed to protect your vehicle, the high price of a luxury car inevitably leads to higher insurance costs. The average annual insurance premium for a luxury car was about 34% higher than the cost of insuring a moderately priced sedan. 

Audi Q5

At a list price of $40,900, the Audi Q5 is a little more expensive than the other vehicles and its average insurance costs reflect that, at an average premium of around $1,860.

BMW 3 Series

BMW is among the most established luxury vehicle brands, and the 3 Series is a classic. If you're looking to insure this vehicle, average insurance rates for a 3 Series are $164.45 per month on top of a list price of $33,450.


The X3 is the cheaper of the two BMW SUVs we analyzed, insurance-wise. While the X3's price is near the middle of the pack for high-end SUVs, the model carries the cheapest average insurance premium of any of the luxury vehicles. On average, expect a monthly premium of $143 with a list price of $40,050.


The BMW X5 is pricier both to buy and to insure than its cousin, the X3. The X5 carries a relatively steep list price ($56,000), along with an average annual insurance cost of nearly $2,000.  

Infiniti Q50

Although the Infiniti Q50 is on the low end of the luxury spectrum — with a list price of $33,950 — it's a pricy car to insure. The average annual insurance cost for an Infiniti Q50 runs $2,027, or approximately $170 per month.  

Lexus ES

Although the Lexus ES sells for less than the other Lexus models (the Lexus RX), the ES costs a hundred dollars more per year to insure. With a listed value of $38,900 and an average annual insurance premium of $1,960, this luxury sedan costs more than per $160 per month to insure. 

Lexus RX

This luxury car follows the relatively common trend of sedans being more expensive to insure than SUVs. While the Lexus RX has a moderately high list price of $43,220, its average premium is on the lower end of luxury vehicles. On average, insuring a Lexus RX costs $1,852 per year or $926 for a standard six-month policy.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The second most expensive vehicle in our survey group to insure, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, will set you back nearly $40,000 to buy. Monthly premiums for the C-Class are on the pricier side, at nearly $180 per month. 

Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class

Last — but certainly not most affordable — is the Mercedes-Benz CLC Class. With the highest list price of surveyed luxury cars — nearly $70,000 — this vehicle also has the group's highest overall premium. On average, this vehicle costs $3,545 per year to insure, or about $300 a month. 

These prices are based on national averages. Please know our agency will provide you a specific quote for your vehicle. 

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