Workers Compensation for Colorado Construction

January 25, 2019

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Every Denver, Colorado construction business with employees is mandated to have workers compensation insurance by the State of CO.

The company may also be required to purchase work comp as a contract obligation for seasonal jobs and projects throughout the year.

Here at All Access Insurance, we want to make sure you get the coverage, advice and quotes you need to ensure you are protected.


If your business does not have any employees, you might still be required by a contract to obtain workers compensation. We suggest you contact us to discuss the State of Colorado requirements before you submit your bid/proposal. If you have to purchase workers compensation, you want to make sure and factor that cost into your bid.


Meet the Requirements

There are a few ways to handle the requirements. You can provide documentation that you are meeting the state requirements by officially opting out with the state. You can also purchase workers compensation for the owner of the business or hire an employee. This option can be expensive depending on your exact industry.


We know people go online to gather information, so we want to make this as easy as possible for you to get the research answers you need.

To learn more about the State of Colorado requirements, click here.

To learn more about opting out, click here.


One of my business associates used to be a Human Resources Manager and some of her stories verify how important it is to have Workers Compensation in the Construction Industry in Denver or any part of Colorado for that matter.


Keeping you protected.



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