What new CBD guidelines mean for consumers

September 25, 2019

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Did you see the NBC News release this week?  We hear about CBD all the time. People take it all the time with no guidelines generally.


The Arthritis Foundation released a new set of guidelines for people who want to try Cannabidiol. NBC News’ Stephanie Gosk investigates what the guidelines entail and what this could mean for the CBD industry.


Stephanie Gosk shares 50M people have arthritis in the US who are looking for help with their pain.


Some highlighted recommendations:

  1. Go Low and Slow - start with a low dosage and increase only as much as you see if making a difference
  2. Go To a Reputable Company - once that does third party testing 
  3. Don’t stop taking current medications.
  4. Talk to your doctor.


The Federal government made CBD grown from a Hemp plant legal in all 50 states without any guidelines from the FDA.


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