What Keeps Business Owners Up At Night

January 18, 2019

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The world is emerging in multinational commerce. Here are some things business owners are thinking of. 

More midsize US businesses are pursuing multinational activities, from simple business trips to manufacturing.  

  • 79% of US businesses go outside the US to sell products and provide services. 
  • 76% of businesses with international exposure expect an increase in international operations. 

Opportunities are far and wide 

A lot of businesses are active beyond their US headquarters, opening new opportunities. 

  • 86% of these businesses have employees who travel abroad for business.
  • 50% have employees who are permanently assigned outside the US.
  • 90% sell products outside the US (includes internet sales).
  • 70% lease or own physical premises where operations take place outside o the US.
  • 69% have equipment located in third-party facilities outside the US. 

Poised for expansion

Even if a business doesn't have stakes outside the US, it may sometime soon. 

  • 94% of companies plan to grow their business operations outside the US within 2 years.
  • 69% of companies without physical operations outside the US that plan to develop the within 2 years. 

Exposure explored

What are the risks and exposures of having an international business? 

The Hartford did a survey in 2017 that suggested these % of exposures in these parts of the world. 

  • Canada/Mexico 85%
  • Central America/Caribbean 26%
  • South America 29%
  • Europe 60%
  • Central Asia 19%
  • Southeast Asia 30%
  • Australia 16%
  • Africa 5%

So what keeps business owners today up at night? 

Many business owners surveyed had serious concerns about their multinational exposures. 68% worried that they don't have adequate coverage. 

We asked in what areas worry them: 

  • Cybersecurity
  • Product liability
  • Employee security
  • Terrorism
  • Data breaches
  • Complying with international rules
  • Product loss or damage
  • Political instability

Do you need multinational coverage guidance?

  • 59% of business owners have contacted their insurance agent about buying multinational coverage.
  • 41% have not addressed this real need.

The world is smaller, but the risks might not be. All Access Insurance can help you businesses with multinational interests manage the cost of risk. 


Keeping you protected.




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