The Top 10 Reasons You Need Business Insurance - Part II

May 1, 2019

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Do I need business insurance? We believe the answer to that is YES! 

Here are the second 5 reasons you need business insurance. See the first five here

6. Business Insurance Can Help Recruit and Retain Employees

Employees look for more than just a salary when they search for jobs. They’re also looking for the right benefits. These benefits include life insurance, health insurance, long-term health insurance, and more. Businesses that do not offer insurance often find themselves missing out on attracting, retaining, and finding the best employees. Purchasing the right business insurance can help you in your search for the best employees.


7. Business Insurance Protects Management

Management Liability Insurance can also help cover the owner, CEO, or “key person” that runs the business. This coverage helps protect those in these key roles from financially devastating lawsuits. Management Liability Insurance can help protect those working for nonprofit organizations and publically traded companies. This coverage can be added to your BOP policy in most cases.


8. Business Insurance Protects Against Natural Disasters

Every state is prone to natural disasters. These disasters can include flood, fire, tornados, hurricanes, and lightning. The Hartford can help protect your business from these devastating natural disasters with business insurance.


All Access Insurance offers Flood Insurance to help protect your business from the costs of damages from floodwater. In addition to protecting your business’s location, it protects your business’s assets and possessions inside your building.


We also offer a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) to help protect your business from fire, theft, claims involving bodily injury, property damage, and personal or advertising injury.


9. Business Insurance Protects in Lawsuits

Every business is vulnerable to lawsuits and the resulting legal fees. However, business insurance can help cover or offset costs resulting from a lawsuit. For example, Workers' Compensation Insurance helps protect you, if family of an employee decides to sue your business. Companies without business insurance will face these fees on their own and have to pay out of pocket.


10. Business Insurance Offers Peace of Mind

Accidents can happen at any point in time. It’s in these times of crisis that The Hartford will stick by your side. Whether someone crashes their car into your office building or your digital assets are comprised, there is always a level of protection offered for your business.

Keeping you protected.




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