Tis the Season for Engagement Ring Insurance

February 13, 2019

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With tomorrow being Valentine's Day, I know for a fact, people will be getting new engagement rings, upgraded jewelry and valuable jewelry of all kinds.

Let's protect your valuables.

Coverage for jewelry is often limited on most insurance policies. A lot of times, coverage depends on how much your jewelry is worth and that kind of loss you have with it (theft, fire, etc).

In short, if you want to ensure your favorite piece of valuable jewelry is insured, we need to add it to your policy. 

This is technically called scheduling an item or adding a rider but in reality, it is just like listing a special item to your already current policy. 

Insurance companies don't automatically assume you have expensive jewelry. If we did, you'd be paying for insurance you didn't need. If everyone built in $5,000 - $10,000 for engagement rings, everyone's policies would be higher. That is not really fair to the single person or the person with a less valuable pieces of jewelry. So instead, insurers give the option to the client to allow them to self identify if you have a valuable piece of jewelry we need to make sure is covered or add a rider to your existing coverages.

On average, if you had a $5,000 engagement ring, insurance would cost 1-2% of the cost so you are looking at $50-$100/year for that piece of valuable jewelry. This is well worth the price for something so meaningful. 

Call our office today with a list of your high-priced valuables like collections, jewelry, artwork, etc and let's ensure you are covered properly. 

Keeping you protected.



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