Technology Insurance Is Booming!

February 8, 2019

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Technology is the largest growing segment in the insurance lines of business.


It is no wonder. People everywhere are doing life and business online. People don’t leave their homes without their phones (which are basically small computers) and business professionals don’t go on trips without their laptops. It is just how the world works today.


If you are in one of these business segments or call yourself by one of these titles, please know we’d love to look at your current insurance and compare services and prices to ensure you are getting the best coverage for your needs.


Application Services

  • Customer Software Programmer
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software as a Service
  • Application Service Provider
  • Application Specialist
  • Application Quality Assurance
  • Application Design/Analysis Integration
  • ERP/CRM Consulting
  • System Administration
  • Packaged Software Developer
  • Mobile Application Developer


Support Services

  • Hardware Installations/Maintenance Services
  • Helpdesk/Call Centers
  • Packaged Software Installation and Configuration
  • Computer/Network Security
  • Remote Data Backup
  • Computer Repair


Web Development Services

  • Website Development/Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Hosting
  • Social Media and Design and Consulting
  • Search Engine


Optimization Networking Services

  • Network Analysis/Design/Integration
  • Network Architect
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator


Hardware and Software Services

  • Technical Hardware/Equipment Evaluation and Selection
  • Hardware/Software Reselling
  • Miscellaneous Technical Services
  • Database Administration
  • Management Software Consulting
  • Technical Project Management
  • Electronic Data Processing (EDP)
  • Records Management/Retrieval
  • Data Warehouse Consulting
  • Technical Training and Education
  • Technical Analysis/Evaluation
  • Technical Staffing Service
  • Mainframe Consulting
  • Messaging Consulting
  • Telecommunications


Of course there are other titles and positions that we cover but in looking over the most popular technology segments, these are the ones that rise to the top of our clients.


Our job is keeping you protected.




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