Reasons Why Auto Body Shops Need Workers Compensation Coverage

September 4, 2019

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Why do Auto Body Shops need Workers Compensation? 

Shops aren't without risks.

Even if they have the best safety practices in the industry. 

There are many dangerous things in an auto shop. 

 There are toxic chemicals. There are welding tools. There are vehicle hoists and jacks that could fail. There are sharp objects that could cut someone. And of course, there’s the possibility of tripping. Your employees are in the line of fire, and accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. And if an employee gets hurt on the job – like if an employee slips, breaks an arm, and hits their head – who’s going to help pay their medical bills?

Well, that’s where workers’ compensation insurance comes in.

Let's say one of your employees does get hurt. Workers compensation helps pay for their medical bills. 

Should an accident happen while an employee is on the job and they get hurt, workers’ comp helps pay the medical bills so that the employee gets the care they need. Hospital and medical bills are expensive, but workers’ comp means that your employee doesn’t have to cover those costs on their own. They’ll be able to get the care and treatment they need without having to worry about footing the bill.

Not only is this a perk to the employee and great for retention but your auto shop could be liable for all the bills without insurance. 

You might be required by law to have workers compensation insurance. 

The states set their own requirements for carrying workers’ comp insurance; the requirement might be based on the number of employees you have. (For example, you may be required to have workers’ comp if you have three or more employees.)

Bottom line is to make sure you check out your state’s workers’ comp requirements and adhere to them. If you are required to have it, make sure you do. Insurance is important, of course, and it’s doubly so when the law mandates that you carry it.

Our team of experts would be happy to help you look at a new policy, or compare rates on an existing insurance policy. Then you get to decide. 

Our job is to keep you protected.



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