Product Recall Insurance

June 21, 2019

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No company wants the cost of a product recall. 

Here is how you can stop this from happening to your business. 

Safety Committees

A safety group can help with creating quality control policies, auditing product safety performance, and making recommendations to management.

Recall Policies

Detail out your company's procedures and ensure you know who is responsible for authorizing a product recall. Ensure you know the cost involved in making this decision. 


Decide how and when you will communicate to customers, brokers, insurers, sales people, dealer, distributors, company personnel and media. 

Manufacturing Protocols

Make sure you have the right procedures in place to stop production immediately, shipments stopped and sales of the recalled product are stopped. Also, your team must communicate the complete a risk assessment of redesigned products. 

Notify Retailers

If your company operates or distributes retail stores, establish a protocol to educate sales staff and merchandisers so that there is never a chance that recalled items get put into circulation. 


Make sure your company's products are labeled with name, model, serial number, date of manufacture, etc. so that there is not chance recalled products make it into the marketplace. 

Keep Your Records Tight

Keeping a tight paper trail is everything when it comes to ensuring you are covered. 

Include as much information as possible, including:

  • Quantity, model, and serial number of products manufactured on specific dates
  • Materials used and identities of suppliers and contractors
  • Batches, processes, and product changes
  • Quantity and location of each product with distributors
  • Incident reports, accident investigations, and warranty claims
  • Additional records required by regulating authorities

If you are concerned about how a product recall could impact your bottom line, let's make sure you have a solid general liability insurance plan in place for your business based on your risk, product line and volume of sales. 

Keeping you protected.




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