The Need for Fitness and Wellness Insurance

December 21, 2018

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Days before Christmas you may be thinking about holiday cookies and homemade fudge.


But days after the upcoming holidays, you’ll be thinking about your fitness and wellness.

This is the time of year that fitness and wellness capitalize on the gorging that happened weeks prior to the new year.


New businesses open and they are FULL upon opening their doors in the new year. We love that some of them are around all year and even years!!! Congratulations in advance to all the health and wellness practitioners that own businesses serving other people’s wellness.


You take care of them, we take care of you with Fitness and Wellness Insurance.


Our programs are designed specifically for the fitness industry and our goal is your peace of mind. Fitness is a part of our culture. 90% of all employees, use onsite gyms if offered and over 10% of employees compete in athletic competitions per thate Leadville Trail 100 MTB.


We cover classifications like:

Fitness Trainers - certified

Fitness Trainers - non-certified

Yoga Instructors

Part-time Yoga (less than 6 hours a week)


Here are some numbers for you to review (these may change per your individual need)


Fitness Trainers - certified

Limits $1M Occ / $3M Agg

Price $122

Risk Purchasing Group Fee $50

Total Cost $172


Fitness Trainers - non-certified

Limits $1M Occ / $3M Agg

Price $182

Risk Purchasing Group Fee $50

Total Cost $232


Yoga Instructors

Limits $2M Occ / $4M Agg

Price $135

Risk Purchasing Group Fee $50

Total Cost $185


Part-time Yoga (less than 6 hours a week)

Limits $2M Occ / $4M Agg

Price $75

Risk Purchasing Group Fee $50

Total Cost $125


As you can see it pays to be certified!


Keep costs down by choosing various safety programs and on-time payments.


Our goal is to keep you moving whether or not cookies are involved temporarily.


Keeping you protected.




All Access Insurance in Littleton, CO,  who represents multiple insurance companies as a “Broker”and provides products for auto, home,  commercial, workers compensation, and much more! Call us today for a free quote at (303) 932-1700.