Management Liability Insurance

May 3, 2019

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What is Management Liability Insurance? 

It is Directors, Officers & Entity Liability insurance (D&O), Employment Practices Liability insurance (EPL), Fiduciary Liability, Crime, and Kidnap and Ransom/Extortion – that address the typical management liability insurance risks private companies face. This coverage is designed to help protect directors and partners from financially devastating lawsuits.

For most small business owners, professional liability coverage can be added to your Business Owner Policy (BOP). 

Management Liability Insurance for Nonprofit Organizations

All Access Insurance offers solutions designed to meet the unique liability insurance needs of a broad range of nonprofit organizations including social service agencies, associations, museums and foundations.


Management Liability Insurance for Publicly Traded Companies

We offer management liability insurance – including Directors, Officers & Entity Liability insurance (D&O), Employment Practices Liability insurance (EPL), Fiduciary Liability, Crime (Fidelity), and Kidnap/Extortion & Ransom coverage – that can help protect public companies from everyday risks and exposures.


Management & Professional Liability Insurance for Financial Institutions

We understand the unique needs of financial institutions and offer solutions that businesses can tailor to meet their specific insurance needs including Adviser Directors, Officers & Entity Liability insurance (D&O), Employment Practices Liability insurance (EPL), Private Fund Liability, Registered Fund Liability, Fiduciary Liability, Bond and Commercial Crime (Fidelity), Kidnap & Ransom, Cyber Liability insurance and Professional Liability Insurance coverage – to protect against a broad range of exposures.


General Partners Liability Coverage

We offer coverage for general partners of limited partnerships to help protect against losses resulting from claims related to breach of duty, regulatory violations, unfair market conduct, and prospectus misrepresentation. Our general partners professional liability insurance policy provides entity coverage for general partners, directors and officers of an organization. Entity coverage for the partnership is offered by endorsement. In addition, we provide specialty product offerings for partnerships in the real estate, energy and telecommunications industries, including publicly traded master limited partnerships.


Representations & Warranties Insurance

All Access Insurance offers Representations & Warranties Insurance to help reduce common merger or acquisition (M&A) risks.


Excess Coverage for Increased Risks

For added protection against the perils of large financial loss, we provide streamlined excess liability insurance coverage for risks across all industries.

Increasing your coverage to fit your business’s needs is a lot easier than you may think. Management and professional liability coverage can easily be added to an existing BOP.  This means that you get enhanced, tailored coverage for your business, but with the simplicity of one bill and policy. Learn how easily Management and Professional Liability can be added to a Business Owner’s Policy for added protection.


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