The Foundational Truth: Architecture and Engineering Insurance

January 4, 2019

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As an architecture and engineering firm, you have to ensure that you have all your bases covered when working on a project. From a liability standpoint, what you do is vital to so many other things in our world today.


This is why we offer some of the best insurance coverage for Architecture and Engineering Firms.


We offer Professional Liability (PL), General Liability (GL) and Business Owner Policies (BOP) plans with PL revenue limits at $500K, GL Payroll liability at $500K and BOP Square Footage caps at 35K and BOP Revenue/Payroll limits at $500K. The coverage/liability aggregate limit is $2M online (up to $3M by phone for PL and GL. There are state exclusions in Virginia and Vermont.


So what kind of companies fall into this type of insurance coverage:

  • Architecture

  • Building construction

  • Building inspection

  • Civil engineering

  • Control systems integration

  • Control systems automation

  • Draftsman (including CAD and CAM)

  • Electrical engineering

  • Engineering

  • Engineering design services

  • Environmental engineering

  • Industrial engineering

  • Landscape architect

  • Process engineering

  • Project manager (architecture or engineering)

  • Transportation engineer


If you know anyone that works at or owns a business in these segment so of the industry, we’d love to give them a comparison on rates and coverage to ensure they have the best protection possible.


Here are some of the latest trends on what's happening in Colorado right now in the residential architectural realm: What’s Hot and What’s Not in CO Architecture. Here are 3 Hot Trends in CO for Commercial Architecture. And as far as Engineering, here are some of the stats on what is happening.


Keeping you protected.




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