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August 7, 2019

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 Protect yourself and your business from lawsuits that allege or infer negligence in providing a professional service, regardless of fault. 

The technology industry is constantly evolving, so it’s important to protect your business from the unique exposures that your profession will face. Whether you design websites or software, perform infrastructure or back-up services or provide consulting or staffing, we want to help you protect the business you’ve built. As a business owner, you need a full spectrum of professional and general liability coverages to give you peace of mind in the event of a claim against the professional services you provide.

Why Coverage is Important:

  1. Errors and omissions includes coverages unique to technology professionals such as network security, privacy liability and media liability

  2. General liability and property coverage options are available

  3. Optional data breach expense and regulatory defense coverage

  4. Ability to consider contractual needs of the insured

Why Coverage is Necessary:

  • Failure to Prevent Unauthorized Access: IT Consultant Corp. analyzes the hardware and software for their mercantile client. They recommend several upgrades to the client’s servers, software and firewalls. As part of the proposal, they include ongoing 24/7 support. IT Consultant purchases, installs and customizes the new hardware and software. Six months later, there is a breach when a hacker breaks through the security firewalls and steals the personal information of thousands of customers of the client. It comes to light that IT Consultant Corp. did not install the latest patch to fix vulnerabilities in the firewall. The mercantile client loses business and accrues damages from notification and requirements to pay for credit monitoring. The mercantile client files suit against the IT consultant for failure to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Personal Injury: Internet Presence Corp. was contracted by the state government to develop and implement a website for all of the state parks. During the creation process, they took their own photographs to use, which included people throughout the park system enjoying the parks and the various practices they have to offer. In addition, Internet Presence casually interviewed the employees of the parks and posted biographies of each person they spoke to. People in the pictures taken became upset at seeing their images and the images of their children being used without their consent, so they filed suit for invasion of privacy. Employees were also not pleased with the final portrayal of their role in the park system, and they filed suit for libel and defamation.

Eligible Risks:

  •  New ventures

  •  Application service providers IT consulting/staffing

  •  Project management

  •  Web design

Most Common Ineligible Risk Characteristics:

  •  Fund transfers

  •  Robotics

  •  Medical, dental or health care diagnosis

  •  Pharmaceutical formulation, production or prescriptions 911 or other emergency response and/or dispatch


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