Driving On The Job

June 28, 2019

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Does your company require employees to drive on the job? 

If so, then having qualified drivers is essential to the health of your business.

Here are 5 Tips that will help you hire the most qualified and authorized drivers for your business. 


  • Ensure that your potential drivers are legal. They need to have a proper driver's license for the type of vehicle you want them to drive. 
  • Then you should check their driving record. The company can decide how clean their record needs to be. 
  • Some Motor Vehicle Departments (DMV) will notify employers if driving records change. 
  • Check employee driving records throughout the year. 

Pass A Background Check. 

  • Verify past driving experiences with past employers. 
  • Watch them arrive for the interview and leave. How they drive then will probably be the way they drive always. 

Driving Test.

  • Perhaps passing your process is a driving test. 
  • Risky behaviors lead to crashes, so identifying issues upfront might help you reduce the liability of an accident later. 
  • Look at things like: changing lanes, merging, shifting gears, backing, making turns, obeying laws, turn signal habits, etc. 
  • Another thing to look for when doing a driving test, is language and attitude. Do they appear to have the possibility of road rage? 


  • Create expectations of what you expect and offer training. 
  • Cover the basics on distracted driving, seat belts, following distance, speeding, crash reporting, etc. 
  • Ensure they sign a compliance agreement before taking your company vehicle on the road. 

Review Behavior. 

  • Measure your driver's performance, observations and vehicle inspections. 
  • Feedback is always helpful if there is corrective action that needs to take place. 
  • Reviews should involve driving records on all parts of your fleet safety program. 

Now that you have the right drivers, call our office today for a free quote on Commercial Auto Insurance for your fleet. 

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