Do You Need High Value Home Insurance?

December 13, 2019

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You should consider high-value home insurance if:

  • Your home is worth $750,000 to $1,000,000 or more
  • The home has design elements that are unique, such as if you used an interior designer to decorate your home or an architect designed it
  • Your home is a heritage home or has older construction features not found in common construction methods or practices
  • You own expensive or priceless fine arts, rugs, collections, jewelry, wine, or other special items that are kept in the home
  • You chose highly-priced appliances, fixtures, or decorations to put in your home that is not found at standard stores
  • Your roof is non-standard, meaning it's a green roof, has an elaborate design, or is made of clay, tile, copper, or metal
  • You have a green home or have invested in environmentally friendly design and construction or heating
  • The features on your property are unique, such as luxurious outdoor living areas, guest houses, swimming pool areas, or special landscaping

Compared to standard home insurance, a high-value plan includes larger policy limits for:

  • Structure repair or replacement coverage
  • Reconstruction costs due to changes in bylaws
  • Money, jewelry, fine arts, antiques, or wine collections
  • Items that are primarily for business use
  • Ornamental or functional landscaping design
  • Living expenses you incur while waiting for restoration
  • Cyber protection to cover lost or stolen digital property

High-value home policies are usually more expensive than standard home policies because of their increased coverage limits and top-of-the-line personalized experience.

To help put the cost of high-value home insurance in perspective, compare it to how you spend money in your personal life. Choosing insurance is a lot like buying shoes or picking a restaurant.

When you look in your closet, do you see shoes that cost less than $100? Or do you have shoes that are worth hundreds of dollars?

If you went out to dinner, would you order the house wine or skip it altogether? Or are you the type of person that will spend a couple of hundred dollars to enjoy a nice dinner and order a la carte?

If you don't live an average lifestyle, standard insurance that provides "average coverage" won't be enough to protect or replace your property in a claim. 

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