Coverage for Cannabis Companies

May 10, 2019

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Cannabis is a huge industry for business in Colorado.

Our main form of coverage is that of Worker’s Compensation but I am often asked, what other forms of coverage do you provide for a Cannabis or Cannabis-related company?

General Liability: Up to $2,000,000 in Aggregate /Occurrence – Covering “Bodily Injury” or “Property Damage” claims against your property, operations, advertising and personal injury liability, meets landlord liability requirements

Non-owned and hired auto: Covers bodily injury and property damage caused by a vehicle you hire (rented or borrowed vehicles) or non-owned vehicles (owned by others, including owned by your employees)

Property: Protection for your building, contents, equipment, point of sale system, inventory (harvested property), computers, tenant improvements and equipment that you have in your business. Covers fire, theft, smoke, explosion, water damage, vandalism, building collapse.

Loss of Income: We will pay your actual loss of “business income during the “period of restoration” that results directly from the total or partial interruption of your business.

Crop: Coverage designed to protect your living plant material, harvested plant material and finished stock from claims from fire, theft, vandalism, smoke etc.

Product Liability Coverage: $2,000,000 Aggregate / $1,000,000 Occurrence

Product Withdrawal: $100,000. Protection against financial loss arising out of the legal liability incurred by an insured because of injury or damage resulting from the use of a covered product.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage: Including Business Income covering a loss of Covered Property (Crop) for the accidental mechanical breakdown of equipment.

Bailees Coverage – Delivery Companies: Coverage is for cannabis businesses that may take the care, custody or control of others goods – a delivery company, distributor or processor. For Finished and Harvested stock in transit, at or, away from the insureds premises.


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