The Colorado Agriculture Director Has Plans About Marijuana, Hemp and CBD

September 18, 2019

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When I tell people across the nation I am from Colorado, the first thing they do is ask me about marijuana. I try to education them that the big winner in Colorado is the hemp business. 

Colorado is the country's leader in average dedicated to hemp farming over the since 2017. We have a huge head start on the growing industry of our nation. 

The new Director of the Colorado Department of Agriculture oversees the state's industrial hemp program. In turn hemp creates all of the CBD products that everyone loves. 

With Federal regulations and more domestic competition, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill passing, industrial hemp farming has been legalized on a Federal Level. 

When asked about Colorado Farmers and the State Laws concerning hemp, Kate Greenberg responded, "

You’ve got a lot of producers who are growing hemp and probably growing other things. But their livelihood is farming, and they make money off the land. Those farmers get how it works, how hemp works, how hemp is grown and the state regulations they need to follow.

I think what we’re seeing now is a lot folks who haven’t farmed before, who haven’t made a living off farming, coming into this boom and trying their hands at it. There’s so much excitement and momentum around it, I think a lot of folks are coming in without farming skills. So you get all ends of the spectrum in terms of farming expertise, both on how to grow the plant and how to navigate state and federal rules.

Growers have regulatory uncertainty because it’s a whole new industry, and one thing we’re hearing is that in order to grow the industry to the potential we and our governor would like to see it grow to, it would require more regulatory certainty. In that regard, I think it’s less about educating — even though we still care about educating — than creating that certainty about what they can do within that regulatory framework."

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