Chalet and Mountain Home Insurance

February 22, 2019

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When I tell people I am from Colorado, the number one thing they say it, "Oh, I'd love to own a mountain home or Chalet in the mountains of Colorado".

That is a good thing as I help mountain home and chalet owners insurance coverage on their dream-come-true.

This coverage is available in 47 states. 

No there is not cold winter and snow in all 47 states, but there are mountain homes and/or chalets.

The general guidelines of this type of policy are as follows: 

  • $1,000 minimum premium per policy
  • No minimum earned premium on most policies
  • All protection classes (including 9 & 10) acceptable through eligibility and coverages may be limited.
  • Ability to cover high-valued properties (this is what we specialize in)
  • No minimum or maximum number of properties per policy
  • No age restrictions (eligibility/coverages may be limited)

Imagine the outdoor snow skiing, mountain hiking, trail riding/walking, snow boarding, skiing,  inter-tubing, fishing, outdoors lifestyle and adventures you and your loved ones will have. Sounds like heaven to me. 

We offer some additional benefits to our policies as well:

  • Tailored property coverage forms
  • Special forms including coverage of theft and vandalism 
  • We welcome Corporations, Estates, Individuals, LLCs
  • Property, General Liability up to $1M and contents covered on one policy
  • $5,000 medical payment upon request
  • Properties rented via Airbnb and VRBO acceptable
  • True log acceptable
  • Loss of rents/business income available

So whether. you are buying a property as a company or an individual, what I know is that the mountains of Colorado are beautiful and you will not regret having your very own mountain home or chalet. 


Keeping you protected.




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