Cannabis Insurance - Part II

March 1, 2019

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All Access Insurance specializes in providing a variety of cannabis and hemp industry businesses with top insurance coverage. Colorado has been flooded with new cannabis and hemp businesses.


Let's look into the life of a Cannabis business and what the Owners of this type of business might be thinking about.


A few days ago we talked about dispensaries, cultivators, processors, manufacturers and ancillary businesses.


You can read more about my thoughts on these types of business owners and what they worry about here


I have a few more segments of the cannabis and hemp industry  to go over today:



There are inherent exposures and challenges that landlords in the marijuana industry face. We have successfully provided coverage for industrial properties, warehouses, greenhouses, strip malls, office buildings and more that landlords lease to cannabis facilities and other businesses in the legal cannabis industry.


Testing Laboratories

Local and state involvement in testing cannabis products is increasing every day. All Access Insurance provides insurance against general and professional liability for testing labs.


Medical Marijuana Doctors

The majority of insurers do not cover physicians for non-FDA medications, including medical marijuana. We offer tailor-made coverage so that physicians are not left to handle medical malpractice suits on their own if something goes wrong.


Marijuana Events

We offer insurance coverage for vendors or exhibitors attending an event or a convention for medical or adult-use marijuana. Our marijuana event liability insurance covers event relocation, event cancellation and product, medicine and equipment coverage.


Keeping you protected.




All Access Insurance in Littleton, CO,  who represents multiple insurance companies as a “Broker”and provides products for auto, home,  commercial, workers compensation, and much more! Call us today for a free quote at (303) 932-1700.