Business Insurance In Colorado

October 4, 2019

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Types of Colorado Business Insurance Offered

General Liability Insurance Colorado

General Liability Insurance covers claims related to bodily injury, property damage, reputation harm, and advertising errors. General liability insurance is very valuable because it is one of the broadest policies available from All Access Insurance. It can be purchased as a stand-alone policy, and it is also included in our Business Owner’s insurance policy. If you have a business that has a higher propensity to liability exposures or faces unusual risks, All Access Insurance offers Specialty General Liability Insurance that can be tailored to your unique business model. All Access Insurance has been helping protect small businesses with general liability insurance, consider a policy with us to help your business prevail for example, in the event of the following:

  • Your business is sued for a copyright infringement as related to the advertising or marketing of your services.

  • A customer sues your business with the accusation of reputation harm including libel, slander, wrongful eviction, or violation of privacy.

  • A customer trips or slips and injures themselves at your office, resulting in claims to cover the expensive medical bills and physical therapy.

Business Liability Insurance Colorado

Business Liability Insurance is included in All Access Insurance’s Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) insurance coverage. A BOP is an essential policy for a small business owner because it helps cover claims of damages caused by disasters, theft, and fires as well as claims of property damage, bodily injury, and advertising injury. With All Access Insurance, business owners have the opportunity to tailor their BOP to meet the specific coverage needs of their business; some businesses may want to add on additional coverages like Data Breach Insurance. Consider a BOP with All Access Insurance to help protect your business for example, in the case of the following:

  • Your merchandise is stolen or damaged.

  • A customer sustains an injury at your workplace, and there is the possibility they will sue you to cover their medical expenses.

  • Your business has a physical location, whether it is owned or rented space that could be damaged in the event of a fire.

Professional Liability Insurance Colorado

Professional Liability Insurance protects your business if you are found to have committed errors or omissions while executing the professional services you provide. For example, if you are a videographer and you lose a client’s wedding footage, or if you are an accountant who makes a clerical error that costs the client money. While these situations are accidental, they still can result in legal repercussions that are potentially very costly. Professional Liability Insurance from All Access Insurance can help protect your business from the potentially devastating costs associated with such an incident. Many businesses can benefit from Professional Liability insurance, consider getting it for your business especially if you are classified as one of the following business types:

  • Technology Professionals

  • Travel agent

  • Interior Designer

  • Accounting and Tax Professionals

  • Consultant Professionals

Colorado Commercial Property Insurance

All Access Insurance’s Commercial Property Insurance is designed to have broad coverage that protects your business in the case of a number of adverse incidents. In addition, the policy is flexible and can be customized to provide coverage for the unique risks your business may face. All Access Insurance can help your team reduce your exposure to risk and provide a plan to prevent loss, avoid accidents, and recommend improvements for a safer and more secure workplace. Purchase Commercial Property Insurance from All Access Insurance to protect your business for example, from the following:

  • A catastrophic fire resulting in the loss of a business’s manufacturing warehouse and equipment.

  • Office is broken into and equipment is stolen

  • A severe wind storm causes a tree to fall and break through your storefront closing your business for multiple days while you repair.

Colorado Minimum Business Insurance Requirements

The minimum insurance requirements vary for small businesses state by state. The state of Colorado requires all publicly and privately owned businesses to have a Workers' Compensation insurance for all employees, Automobile Insurance for vehicles used by the company, and Professional Liability Insurance for select professions (doctors and health professionals).3 The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) strongly recommends that business owners consider purchasing Business Liability Insurance to help protect their businesses from liability claims related to their products, services, or workplace. Businesses are also required to pay Unemployment Insurance tax depending on their employees paid wages and number of hours worked. All Access Insurance has been providing small business insurance for thousands of Colorado businesses and can assist you in better protecting your business and employees.

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