Buried Utility Lines Insurance Coverage

March 20, 2019

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Save yourself the expense of costly excavation and repair of underground utility wiring and piping!

Buried Utility Lines Insurance Coverage can be purchased as a stand-alone or as part of a package but this protection guards against the expensive damage to underground utility pipes and wires such as:

  • Water piping

  • Steam piping

  • Sewer piping

  • Drain piping

  • Power lines

  • Fiber optics

  • Cable lines

  • Sprinkler Piping

Many homeowners do not know that the repair or replacement of service lines on their property may be their responsibility - and that homeowner’s insurance policies typically do not cover damage to them. This is why All Access Insurance is letting you know.

With Buried Utility Lines Coverage, a new enhancement to your homeowners policy, the homeowner is covered when one of these lines leaks, breaks, tears, ruptures, collapses or arcs. Should a covered loss occur, coverage is available to pay for the damage to the utility line, excavation costs and expediting expenses to make repairs.

So what is the cost?

Customers can get up to $10,000 in coverage for $30 or $20,000 in coverage for $40, with a deductible of just $500.

Does the utility line need to be on your property?

Yes. The utility line must be located on the insured premises and provide utility service to the resident. If the line is owned by the insured or the insured is legally liable to repair, it would be covered by this coverage.

Here are some examples of causes of loss that are covered:

• Wear and tear

• Mechanical breakdown

• Rust or other corrosion

• Tree or other root invasion

• Vermin, insects, rodents or other animals

• Freezing or frost heave and thaw

• Weight of equipment, vehicles, animals or people

We make it easy to get Buried Utilities Lines Coverage by providing you with an illustrated graphic that highlights the unseen dangers.

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