Aviation Products and Grounding Liability Insurance

April 5, 2019

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In order to keep our airplanes and aviation equipment safe, we must ensure the manufacturers of these products are insured correctly.

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General Liability Policy May Not Cover Aircraft Products Liability

General Liability (GL) Policies are generally silent on aircraft products liability but if the underwriter knows that the insured manufactures products that become part of aircraft, an aircraft products exclusion will be added to the GL policy. Even if the aircraft products exclusion is absent on the GL policy and an insured’s product is identified as contributing to an aircraft loss, a $1 or $5 million GL policy will not cover the loss. Umbrella and excess liability policies sitting on top of the GL policy generally exclude aircraft products. If you are a small or medium supplier (or a supplier of a supplier) to aviation manufacturers, you likely need a separate aircraft products liability policy. In addition, aircraft products policies have the added benefit of grounding coverage which is not covered by a GL policy because there is no bodily injury or property damage.


In 2017, a new product line called Aviation Products and Grounding Liability coverage for up to USD 50 Million was launched. This competitively-priced aircraft products insurance facility is ideally suited for manufacturers and products suppliers who are required by their customer contracts to buy aircraft products liability insurance and who may not otherwise be able to find lower coverage amounts.

With a handful of airports in Colorado, there are aviation manufacturers here. We want to make sure that every time they make a product, they are covered and that you’ll feel 100% safe the next time you board a plane, you can know that the best quality products and work were provided for your aircraft and those that worked on it.

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